Does FinFollow cost anything?

No, it’s free. However, some contributors may charge for following their accounts, but you decide if you want to follow them.

Is FinFollow a bank?

No, we are a service on top of your bank. Use FinFollow and continue trading on your current bank platform.

What is a Contributor?

A Contributor is what we call someone who share their account on FinFollow

How does FinFollow make money?

The platform FinFollow is completely free to access and at the moment all content is available for free. Going forward we want to enable prominent investors to offer their followers a paid subscription, that FinFollow gets a share of. There are also several other interesting areas we are looking into.

Will everyone see my account details?

When you connect an account on FinFollow it will automatically be Private. This means only you will see your account, and it will not be searchable for anyone else. If you go to Account Settings you can change how you want to share your account.

Is it possible to share my account with selected persons?

Yes, in Account Settings you can select visibility “Invitation” and invite the people you want. Only they will be able to see your account. 

Which banks are available on FinFollow?

As of now we have Avanza and Nordnet.

Can I connect any type of account (ISK, KF, AF, TJP and more) to FinFollow?


Can I buy and sell stocks on FinFollow?